Since last year, Funny or Die has produced several collaboration videos between UK/US and South Korean artists.

Anna Kendrick goes K-Pop with f(x)
First of them was a short video in which we follow US actress Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) as she is sent to South Korea to learn how to dance K-pop with girls’ band f(x). Released on 10 April 2013, the video has reached 750k views on YouTube. Amber and Krystal being both born in the U.S., their performance in English came as no surprise, and surely helped widening the reach of the video – with more proximity to the U.S. audience.

Girl, You Better Walk
Second was another short video in which we see British singer Rita Ora compete with South Korea’s HyunA, in showing off how many “walking moves” they know. Released on 2 April 2014, the video certainly leveraged the buzz around HyunA’s provocative moves in her Bubble Pop MV and Rita Ora’s wealth of dance moves.

What’s Eating Steven Yeun?
Moving away from the K-pop world, and tapping into the craze for Mokbang, aka Broadcast Eating, Funny or Die released a webseries featuring The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun, K-Drama actor Park Hyuk-kwon (jTBC’s Secret Love Affair, 2014) and K-pop singer Sandara Park, aka 2NE1’s Dara, who is has also a huge fanbase in the Philippines (especially as she appeared in many shows on the national broadcaster ABS-CBN this year). The web series takes a deeply ironic look at one the weirdest trend in the Korean audiovisual landscape: Korean video bloggers becoming famous simply by filming themselves tasting and eating food. As such Yeun goes through all the stages that usual celebrities would go through, from hyper fame, scandals and public shaming. It is even more funny as Yeun’s character expected to break into the TV industry, but instead ended up doing food porn videos – which were the ones to make him famous. The video was released on November 12 and has already reached 39k views.

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