1st World Web Content Festival kicks off in Gwangju

1st World Web Content Festival kicks off in Gwangju

1st World Web Content Festival kicks off in Gwangju

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While web content has been celebrated in the U.S. since 2010 with LA Webfest, only in 2015 a durable webfestival emerged in Asia: the KWebFest (there was a webfestival in Hong-Kong in 2013 but it didn’t live beyond its first edition).  Following its success, the Korean government is now launching an even more ambitious event, aimed to gather original web content producers from around the world.

The Gwangju World Web Content Festival kicked off on Thursday 23 June indeed. There is no better place than South Korea to host such event given the popularity Korean webdramas have gained in the past two years (we are planning a conference about it in fall 2016). Gwangju however isn’t a famous place for the content industry, but locating it there is one more initiative in the Korean government’s decentralization strategy (witnessed earlier with all KOFIC offices relocated to Busan).

The festival’s first three days are dedicated to conferences with Korean and international experts and companies – including Naver and Google – discussing the opportunities for web content on mobile platforms, the growing appetite of China for online content, web formats as well as the future of multi channel networks (MCN). On 26th, the last day of the festival, meetings between 23 teams of creators and 28 businesses from the videogame, cosmetics and cooking industries are planned to explore to generate collaboration opportunities.

Investors and production companies from China, Malaysia and other Asian countries are also taking part in this year’s consultation meetings with Korean content creators.

We are quite excited to see how the web content industry evolves and are glad there is now a dedicated event to celebrate and foster collaborations within the Asian web content production industry, which was lacking compared

(Source: Korea.net)

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