After one month focused on boosting viewership for the Running Man entertainment TV show, DramaFever is coming back with a roster of great Korean dramas.

At the top of list is hit action series City Hunter which will be premiering on October 6, right before our Daehan Drama Awards ceremony. City Hunter is so far in the top 10 crime/action Korean TV series ever according to you.

Other great additions include Full House Take 2, Fashion King, 49 Days and Lie to Me.

City Hunter PosterCity Hunter

Broadcasting: SBS (25.05-28.07.2011), 20 episodes

Production: SSD

Cast: Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young, Lee Jun-hyuk

Synopsis: Based on the Japanese manga series of the same title, the drama follows the path of Lee Young-chul (Lee Min-ho). Adopted by his deceased father’s ex-Secret Service colleague, he receives intense physical training and education abroad as to carry out their revenge  against corrupt South Korean government officials. Those had betrayed him and Young-chul’s real father as they were returning from a successful mission in North Korea.

Full House Take 2Full House Take 2

Broadcasting: SBS Plus (22.10-13.12.2012), 32 episodes

Production: Kim Jong-hak Productions, Digital Khan

Cast: Hwang Jung-eum, No Min-woo, Park Ki-woong

Synopsis: A hapkido martial art teacher named Jang Man-ok (Hwang Jung-eum) pretends to be the stylist for top idol group TAKE ONE and moves into the luxurious house of superstar musician Lee Tae-ik’s (No Min-woo), which he inherited from his father. As both Lee and fellow band member Won Kang-hwi (Park Ki-woong) compete for Jang’s affection, a love triangle emerges.

Fashion King

Fashion King PosterBroadcasting: SBS (19.03-22.05.2012), 20 episodes

Production: Lee Kwan-hee Productions

Cast: Yoo Ahn-in, Shin Se-kyung, Kwon Yu-ri, Lee Je-hoon

Synopsis: Kang Young-gul is a young aspiring designer who works as a vendor on Dongdaemun Market, where he meets Lee Ga-young (Shin Se-kyun), an ambitious and successful, but orphan, designer whose aspiration are on the other side of the Pacific. Ga-young, who actually loves Young-gul, receives the interest of Jung Jae-hyuk (Lee Je-hoon), a second-generation chaebol involved in construction, distribution and design, whose ex-girlfriend, Choi Anna (Kwon Yuri), works at a top international design firm, and is also the one Young-gul loves. In other words, an intricate web of love interests to solve while striving for success in the world of fashion.

49 Days49 Days

Broadcasting: SBS (16.03-19.05.2012), 20 episodes

Production: HB Entertainment

Cast: Lee Yo-won, Nam Gyu-ri, Jo Hyun-jae, Bae Soo-bin, Jung Il-woo

Synopsis: Shin Ji-hyun (Nam Gyu-ri), the only daughter of a wealthy family, thinks her life is perfect as she is surrounded by friends who steadily show support. However, when she gets in an accident, and is given the challenge to gather three drops of true love from relatives, while stuck in the body of suicidal Song Yi-kyung (Lee Yo-won), she soon realizes that all those friendships were not that genuine.

Lie to Me PosterLie to Me

Broadcasting: SBS (9.5-28.6.2011), 16 episodes

Cast: Yoon Eun-hye, Kang Ji-hwan

Synopsis: Trying to save face, Gong Ah-jung (Yoon Eun-hye), a government employee of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, lies that she is married to Hyun Ki-joon (Kang Ji-hwan), the powerful and wealthy CEO of World Hotel. The lie quickly snowballs, forcing the two to pretend their relationship to be true. As they grow closer, Ki-joon starts questioning his feeling for his fiance who has just returned from France.

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