Amazon premieres Kpop Kdrama The [email protected] on April 28

Amazon premieres Kpop Kdrama The Idolm@ster.KR on April 28

Amazon premieres Kpop Kdrama The [email protected] on April 28

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While Netflix recently greenlit two original Korean dramas, Amazon is first to release a first Korean drama of its own. The pilot episode of its first original Kdrama, The [email protected], has indeed been published today, 28 April 2017. As per usual with its originals, Amazon will be adding one new episode a week. Subscribers to Amazon Prime Video will be able to enjoy access the Kpop-themed drama for free.

Based on Bandai Namco Entertainment’s video game series of the same name, the “series follows the story of 11 girls as they fiercely compete and undergo vigorous training to become idol stars.” The group of girls, called Real Girls Project, actually filmed a real music video (below) and the associated single is also on sale on iTunes.

Co-produced by Amazon, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Interactive Media Mix, The [email protected] is premiering simultaneously in South Korea on SBS Plus, SBS funE and SBS MTV as well as on Amazon Prime Video in all of its territories, in English and Japanese – including the United Kingdom.

The cast is made of young Thai, Korean, and Japanese women actually striving to become idols in real life.

First released on 26 July 2005, The [email protected] has been a popular franchise in Japan, spanning umpteen video games, an anime TV series and a highly successful line of merchandise.

You can watch the first episode, until further are released, here:

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