Announcing our Partners: #6 Yijo BBQ

Announcing our Partners: #6 Yijo BBQ

Announcing our Partners: #6 Yijo BBQ

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If you are among the early members of the London Korean Drama Club, you will have heard of Yijo BBQ restaurant near Finchley station. If you were not, you may have heard of them as well.

We organized the second MeetUp event for the LKDC there on May 26, and had a great time eating the delicious Korean food that chef Kwon Jun-pyo cooks with passion and seeing our meats heat up on the authentic charcoal barbecues right in the middle of our tables.

While there, we were informed that the restaurant had started a cookery school, with lessons on how to cook kimbap, kimchi and tofu. And we are lucky enough that Yijo accepted to offer a FREE class to the most accurate voter for our Daehan Drama Awards 2014.

Even if you don’t win, you can still book a ticket for the next class, on Monday 27 October, in which you will be taught how to prepare kimchi, cook a kimchi fried rice and of course be able to taste some of the Chef’s Kimchi with delicious bossam (boiled pork belly).



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