British-Korean actress Clara eyes career in the U.S.

British-Korean actress Clara eyes career in the U.S.

British-Korean actress Clara eyes career in the U.S.

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Clara Lee, also known as just ‘Clara’, announced today that she will be going to the United States for an audition in February. She is following the path of other high-profile and rising Korean actors who have recently made the move and signed with agencies over there, Lee Byung-hun, Ha Ji-won and Claudia Kim.

Despite being born in Switzerland, raised in the U.S. and having British citizenship, Clara decided to start her career in the Korean TV industry. Her major K-drama roles include Han Ah-reum in tvN’s Emergency Couple (2014) and Hong Mi-joo in SBS’ Take Care of Us Captain (2012). She had numerous K-drama cameos, occasionally appeared in films and music videos, but has also been a regular guest of popular entertainment show, such as Star King (SBS), Reckless Family (MBC) and Saturday Night Live Korea (tvN).

Despite all of those, what really rocketed her to stardom was her ceremonial pitch to start off a professional baseball game in May 2013. Following such appearance she has become mainly famous for her sexy appearance. However, shortly after, in September 2013, her public image was shaken as netizens flooded her with hateful messages in regards to her apparent contradiction regarding her appreciation of Korean traditional chimaek (chicken and beer) – saying she didn’t like it on TV and saying the contrary on radio.

Following the contrary (which honestly is really silly!), Clara slowed down her activity on Facebook and Twitter and reduced her appearances on variety shows, as to focus on what she had been doing since 2006: acting! Her role of Nan-hee in feature film Working Girl to be released in Korean cinemas on January 8 is a first step in that direction. Moving to the U.S. may also allow her to focus exclusively on her acting skills, although there is no doubt Hollywood directors will not be insensitive to her beauty. At least we hope for her they do not find her parody of Gwiyomi – or maybe the collaboration with Stan Lee serves some purpose, as they previously met during her previous U.S. trip (Stan Lee had heard about her unconventional “baseball pitch” viral video).

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