Ex-Model selected at Raindance Webfest 2015

Ex-Model selected at Raindance Webfest 2015

Ex-Model selected at Raindance Webfest 2015

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We were announcing last month our new activity of distribution for webdramas, starting with French-Chinese comedy webseries Ex-Model.

And we already have good news for you, UK readers: Ex-Model will be screening at the Raindance Webfest on Sunday 27 September. It will be part of a 80 minute block at Vue Picadilly, titled “Romantic Intentions“, starting from 12PM.
For more details, you can check the festival’s website.
Also, feel free to check out the funny teaser the Ex-Model producers made to introduce their webseries. Lead actress and producer Xin Wang is expected to attend.

In August, Ex-Model was also blessed with two selections:

  • On Saturday 29 August, tonight, Ex-Model is screening at the Sicily Webfest, with lead actress and producer Xin Wang in attendance;
  • On Thursday 20 August, Ex-Model was shown part of a regular webseries screenings programme by the Berlin Webfest.

We hope to be able to announce other webfestival selections and even TV broadcast in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

And of course, as this website is also geared towards Korean dramas and webdramas, we must note that Dr. Ian is showing at the Sicily Webfest and Ryuhan Villa 402 will be showing at the Berlin Webfest in September. Unfortunately, no Korean webdrama was selected for the 3rd Raindance Webfest. Here is the preview for Dr. Ian:

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