FestivalAsia: roundup of Korean performers & exhibitors

FestivalAsia: roundup of Korean performers & exhibitors

FestivalAsia: roundup of Korean performers & exhibitors

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We are only two weeks away from the first edition of FestivalAsia.

To help you navigate the event, and if you are especially interested in discovering different aspects of Korean culture, here is what you will be able to see:



Korrito: Launched by sister and brother Joo and Sukho Lee in June 2013, Korrito offers authentic Korean BBQ in burritos, rice bowls and salad boxes. During the rest of the year, you can find them at the Southbank’s Real Food Festival, Kingston’s Ancient Market and the BOXPARK in Shoreditch.

In the meantime, you can check the documentary Korrito made and presented last year:

>>> Twice a day, the London Korean Drama Club (LKDC) will be offering a FREE meal for two, part of our giveaway.



Korea Tourism Organization (KTO): Michael A. Michael, marketing manager, will be giving a presentation on “Korea, Why you should visit?”

  • Friday 15 May, 3:30-4pm

>>> Prizes from the KTO will also be offered part of our giveaway, including Korean film DVDs, Kpop CDs and jewelry box.

British Go Association: Roger Hyushe, president, will introduce GO, a board game played all over Asia including in South Korea where it is known as baduk (바둑). The association will also have a stand if you wish to learn more about it.

  • Saturday 16 May 1-1:45pm



Dahn Yoga: Silvia Mocikova will be giving Qi Gong demonstrations at the following dates and times:

  • Friday 15 May 8pm-8:45pm
  • Saturday 16 May 12pm-12:45pm
  • Sunday 17 May 2pm-2:45pm

FYI: Dahn means energy in Korean.



KAYA: Korean music duo, gayageum and acoustic guitar, formed in 2002 by gayageum player Jung Ji-eun and acoustic guitarist Sung Min-jeon, KAYA is a regular guest of the most prestigious Korea-related events across Europe and beyond.We were lucky enough to have them performing at our Daehan Drama Awards last year (see the video below).

  • Friday 15 May 7–7:15pm
  • Saturday 16 May 12:45–1pm, 2–2:15pm & 5–5:15pm

>>> KAYA’s original songs and covers of popular Korean drama soundtracks (example: Hwang Jin Yi) will be played at our stand. The band will also stop by.

 – Eunsley Park: first-class degree graduate from the London’s Royal College of Music (RCM), Eunsley is a Korean violonist whose talents have already across the world, including Stockholm and Istanbul.
  • Saturday 16 May 5:30–5:45pm, 7:30–7:45pm & 9:15–9:30pm



School of Korean Martial Arts: led by master Daeman Sung (6th dan black belt), the SKMA will be having a stand to introduce their programs which encompass mental, physical and spiritual development through Korean martial arts. On stage, they will give a demonstration of the highly eclectic martial art called Hapkido.

  • Saturday 16 May 12-12.45pm

LCTKD (London Chinatown TaeKwonDo): while they will be having an exhibitor stand to introduce a range of martial arts, LCTKD will also provide a demonstration of Korea’s most renowned martial art, Taekwondo.

  • Sunday 17 May 1-1.45pm


>>> Other prizes from our partners such as DramaFever will also be offered as part of our giveaways.

In the meantime, please invite your friends, family and colleagues to join FestivalAsia. Tickets can still be book at http://www.festivalasia.co.uk/tickets

About the author:

Created in April 2014, Daehan Drama aims to promote Korean TV dramas towards the UK audience, as well as facilitate dialogue between the British and Korean creative industries.


  1. Kushal  - May 4, 2015 - 12:36 am
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    Are there any upcoming events based on Kpop like singing Kpop or in Korean and gigs? If there are any, would you mind notifying me because I would be more than honoured if I get a chance to participate in them.

    • Brice Longnos  - May 4, 2015 - 12:46 am
      Reply /

      Dear Kushal, thank you for your comment. The performers listed below are the only ones that are publicly confirmed. We have not been informed about any other one. If you wish to find out about Korean indie singers, you might want to attend the KCCUK’s upcoming “K-Indie Rock Showcase” on May 19.

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