Inspire Me Korea partner of Daehan Drama Awards 2015

Inspire Me Korea partner of Daehan Drama Awards 2015

Inspire Me Korea partner of Daehan Drama Awards 2015

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As you all know, our Daehan Drama Awards ceremony will take place on Monday April 25th from 7.00PM.

We are glad to announce a partnership with Inspire Me Korea to bring you free magazines and a special gift box for the most accurate voter, to be awarded on the day, right before the Kdrama screening!

To allow you to know better about their service, founder Diana Chan kindly answered a few of our questions:


So what is Inspire Me Korea (IMK)?

Inspire Me Korea is a subscription box service for Korean culture in the UK. We specially curate beauty, food, history, culture, language, Kpop/culture collectibles and other surprises based on a monthly theme!

How did Inspire Me Korea come about?

Last year, as I just graduated from UCL with a BASc (Bachelors of Arts and Science) – the first interdisciplinary degree of its kind in the UK -, I decided to take a graduation trip on my own to South Korea as I’ve always wanted to go for a longer period, so I stayed for one month in Incheon and Seoul and it was the most memorable experience of my life, and definitely life changing! I had such a great time there that when I came back to the UK for my graduation ceremony I couldn’t stop thinking about how to go back to South Korea. I came up with many ideas like finding a job in the UK that will send me to South Korea or finding an English-speaking job in Korea. Instead, I settled with bringing South Korea here! I wanted to share the vibrant culture that I experienced in South Korea – and to show foreigners that there is so much more to South Korea than just the things we can see through the media such as Kpop or Korean dramas. There is a rich history, culture, traditions and amazing people who are respectful and caring towards everyone. I wanted to portray this multi-dimensional culture and share it with people I care about – people who love Korea or will love Korea through Inspire Me Korea! That is why I have chosen an array of items to go into our boxes each month, so people can learn about Korea and have a taste of the diverse culture.

How often are boxes sent out?

The boxes are sent out once a month – on the 5th and each month will have a different theme! The first box in March was the CLASSIC box, April was the CAFE box with Easter elements in it, and May will be the DESTRESS box! You can anticipate some really fun themes in the future.

What is in each box?

Each box is a surprise, but the items inside are all related to the monthly theme which is announced at the beginning of every month! Every box will include history and culture magazine, snacks, Kpop/culture items and beauty if one opts for it!

What is your mission?

I really hope that Inspire Me Korea will inspire others to want to learn more about Korean culture, want to experience Korea for themselves and just share this beautiful culture with others too! The whole idea is to create a community of Korea lovers in the UK, to share our stories with one another and just feel comfortable to be in love with Korean culture. I definitely remember being in love with Kpop 5 years ago, but had no one to talk to and no one to share this with, and I wish that no one has to feel that way any more! Currently we have an ‘Inspired by KOREA series’ on our blog where we want everyone interested in Korea to share their stories about how they found out about Korean culture and what they love about it, this is to encourage everyone to share their stories and I love reading them!

How has the experience been for you so far?

The journey of being a fresh graduate with next to no knowledge of how to set up a company still surprises me when I think about how far I have come! I recently published a book about young entrepreneurship and a little about my personal journey – because I dived into entrepreneurship and had no idea about all the work behind it and the multitude of obstacles faced when setting up a company. I guess my main aim in life is to do what I love and share it with more people! I want to ‘inspire’ others and help others to become closer to what they love – perhaps through our subscription box, so they can enjoy products from Korea and learn more about their culture.


You can all meet Diana at our awards ceremony on Monday April 25th. You can also benefit from a special free delivery offer on your first box if you forward your ticket confirmation to [email protected]

We all wish the best to IMK and hope they will inspire more of you!

About the author:

Created in April 2014, Daehan Drama aims to promote Korean TV dramas towards the UK audience, as well as facilitate dialogue between the British and Korean creative industries.

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