K-Drama Week: Global Korean Wave Seminar

K-Drama Week: Global Korean Wave Seminar

K-Drama Week: Global Korean Wave Seminar

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IRIS PosterTuesday 23 September, 5.30-7.30pm
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG
RSVP to KCCUK at 0207 004 2600 or [email protected]

The KCCUK and SOAS will co-host a seminar and reception on Korean dramas presented by Yang Yun-ho, director of IRIS (2009), Livera Me (2000) and Yuri (1996), which was invited to the Cannes Film Festival International Critics’ Week. Director Yang will talk about the characters within Korean dramas, including IRIS, Asia’s most successful ever drama as well as the current trends within the industry, the talk will conclude with Q&A session with the audience.

Yang was born in 1966. He graduated from Dongguk University, majoring in film. He won many short film awards with his film Ga-byeon-cheo-sun (The Extra Lanes, 1992). His first feature film, Yuri, was invited to the Cannes Film Festival, International Critics’ Week. After his debut in the late 1990s, he has made many films including Livera Me (2000), and Fighter In the Wind (2004): the former was awarded for Best Film at the PaekSang Awards and the latter Best Director at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Recently, he has expanded his career in directing TV drama series such as IRIS and Sweet City (2014), which was filmed and broadcast in China.

Sweet CityFilmography
Jeju, the Island of the Gods (2011)
Grand Prix (2010)
IRIS (2009)
Holiday (2006)
Fighter In the Wind (2004)
Livera Me (2000)
White Valentine (1999)
The Best (1998)
Yuri (1996)
The Extra Lanes (1992)

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Created in April 2014, Daehan Drama aims to promote Korean TV dramas towards the UK audience, as well as facilitate dialogue between the British and Korean creative industries.

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    […] Tomorrow, Wednesday 24 September, the KCCUK and KOCCA are holding an opening event to the K-Drama Week at Curzon Cinema Soho. The evening will start with the screening of the film of version of hit drama series IRIS (2009) and be followed by a conversation with director Yang Yun-ho (biography in our previous article). […]

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