LKFF2014: Ticket bookings for film screenings at the Odeon West End open!

LKFF2014: Ticket bookings for film screenings at the Odeon West End open!

LKFF2014: Ticket bookings for film screenings at the Odeon West End open!

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Tickets for the films of the London Korean Film Festival have been up for sale since 12:00pm yesterday, Thursday 23 October.

Kim Ki-duk fans can already book tickets for the master’s latest film, One on One, as well as for Pieta (2012), winner of the Golden Lion in Venice. One on One stars Ma Dong-seok who appears in Bad Guys, a new series from CJ E&M which premiered on OCN on October 4. Meanwhile, Pieta stars Lee Jung-jin, famous for his roles in A Hundred Year Legacy and Fugitive: Plan B, as well as Temptation which just completed its run on SBS on September 16.

Tickets for South Korea’s representatives at the Cannes Film Festival can already be purchased, namely July Jung’s A Girl at My Door and Kim Seong-hoon’s A Hard Day. Both films were screened at the London BFI Film Festival, and director Kim Seong-hoon attended the screening and gave a Q&A. We were also lucky to interview him and the video interview will soon be on our YouTube channel. So if you missed any of these two films, it’s your chance! A Hard Day features Lee Sun-kyun (Coffee Prince, Pasta) and Jo Jin-woon (Deep Rooted Tree). A Girl at My Door aka Dohee-Ya stars Bae Doona, who is mostly known in films such as The Host and Cloud Atlas and has just been announced for Netflix original sci-fi series Sense8 (more about it in a future article). July Jung, the director, will grace the festival of her presence after a well noticed world premiere at the Cannes film festival where Dohee-Ya received 3 nominations. She will take part in a Q&A session following the screening, with producer Lee Jun-dong present as well.

The other two screenings for films produced by Lee Jun-dong and his company Now Film, can also be booked:

  • Hwayi: A Monster Boy, the 2nd feature film by director Jang Joon-hwan (Save the Green Planet!) and starring Kim Yoon-seok (who mentioned the project when he attended the London Korean Film Festival 2012);
  • Lee Chan-dong’s award-winning film, Poetry in which young actor Lee David (Third Window Films’ Pluto) appears.

Korean drama actors are also very present in other films of the selection whose tickets are now available for purchase:

  • Lead actor of You’re All Surrounded, winner of the Best Crime Drama Award at the Daehan Drama Awards, Cha Seung-won appears in Man on High Heels, a quirky noir thriller by director and TV personality Jin Jang.
  • Heartbreaking gangster love story Man in Love stars Hwang Jeong-min (New World, The Unjust) and Han Hye-jin (Jumong), who happens to be in London at the moment. Would be a bless if she attended the event!
  • Finally, Song Seung-heon, especially famous for his role in Autumn in My Heart, Summer Scent, East of Eden, and last year’s When a Man Falls in Love, is back to film with erotic thriller Obsessed, likely steamier than his usual “innocent” love stories.

And of course, we didn’t forget the two film screenings which are probably the most anticipated: Kundo: Age of Rampant and The Youth. Kundo features arguably the most renowned Korean actor, Ha Jung-woo, and one of the most iconic through his roles in Jeon Woo-chi and Haunters, Gang Dong-won. The film is directed by Yoon Jong-bin, one of the most promising Korean directors of the past 10 years. One more reason to attend (if it were not enough!): director Yoon Jong-bin, actor Gang Dong-won and producer Han Jae-duk are all attending the opening gala as well as the following day’s screening for Q&A sessions.

If you have not had enough with all of that, there is a screening of The Youth, which stars Lee Dong-hae, who will be attending a Q&A session with fellow Super Junior member Lee Hyuk-jae (aka Eun-hyuk), and giving a private concert to all the members in attendance. Seats are selling super-fast, despite being £30 each.

And all these are just the screenings at the Odeon West End. Keep an eye on the Odeon Covent Garden and Kingston as well as the KCCUK as bookings are likely to open soon. In the meantime, have a look at the trailer the KCCUK prepared this year:

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