London Korean Drama Club: 3rd MeetUp Event Follow-up

London Korean Drama Club: 3rd MeetUp Event Follow-up

London Korean Drama Club: 3rd MeetUp Event Follow-up

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HAN RestaurantThe 3rd event of the London Korean Drama Club took place last Friday. It was our first time to step out of Central London, to New Malden, and that may have been the reason why quite a few finally decided not to make the commute. That is really a pity as the few of us who attended really had a great fun.


Firstly, HAN did not deceive. Not only the decoration of the restaurant is a powerful mix of rusticity and modernity, but that is also reflected in its offerings. Delicious Korean dishes can be coupled with fresh cocktails and traditional Korean drinks, the classic mekju and soju. Beyond that, the karaoke room was really cosy and the choice of songs very wide, both Korean and foreign.


Karaoke HANSecondly, the ambience was electric. Although only a few attended, everyone showed their passion for singing and Korean food. We were lucky to have with us a UK finalist of ‘말’ MAL, the Korean Speech Contest organized by the King Sejong Institute, who also happened to be a very talented singer. Those who attended the European finals of MAL will surely attest of his singing skills (we will be posting it soon on our YouTube channel). Such a skilled guest motivated everyone to do their best and make the most of the karaoke experience.


Participants HANThirdly, given that the World Cup had come to a halt (there was no match on Friday as the groups stage had ended), the restaurant was unusually calm. But all the better for us, as we could enjoy the beautiful facilities, in a warm atmosphere with a Wimbledon tennis match in the background (it was actually Andy Murray playing).


In any case, the enthusiasm and interest in a karaoke event could be felt, even beyond our regular members. So, we may launch a singing competition, who knows…? But, still in the idea of relating to Korean TV, might draw its inspiration from shows you might be familiar with. We will follow-up on that.

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Created in April 2014, Daehan Drama aims to promote Korean TV dramas towards the UK audience, as well as facilitate dialogue between the British and Korean creative industries.

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