London Korean Festival 2015: performances & themes zones unveiled

London Korean Festival 2015: performances & themes zones unveiled

London Korean Festival 2015: performances & themes zones unveiled

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The KCCUK/KOCCA/KTO have unveiled the full programme of this year’s London Korean Festival.

Here is an overview:


On stage, there will be music and dance performances, blending modern and traditional styles.

K-pop and rock music:

  • Kpop: f(x);
  • Rock: gukkasten.

B-boy dance: Jinjo crew vs. UK’s Soul Mavericks

Traditional music and dance performances:

  • 4innori: ajaeng, daegeum, haegeum & geomungo;
  • Yeon Hee Company (U-Hee): janggu;
  • Pan: drums;
  • Yun Myung Hwa dance company.

(Source: KCCUK)


Visitors will also be able to walk along a diversity of zones covering all aspects of Korean culture:

Cultural Tourism Experience Zone

  • Hanbok photoshoots;
  • Korean folk games: Tuho & Jegi-chagi;
  • Demonstrations of Korean calligraphy;
  • Free hands-on traditional music instruments workshop: Gayageum & Janggu.

K-Contents Zone

  • Animation movies on TV (e.g. The Nut Job);
  • Webtoons & K-characters merchandise;
  • Online games, esp. e-sports.

K-Food Zone

  • Cooking demonstrations by chefs Judy Joo (Jinjuu) and Joo Won (Galvin at Windows).

K-Style Zone

  • Music CDs, posters, merchandise & listening booths;
  • Fashion showcase from Korean designers of the 2016 S/S London Fashion Week, hanboks and pop ups.

K-Brand Zone: new products, innovations and offers from

  • Hyundai Motors
  • LG Electronics

(Source: KCCUK / Korea Tourism Organization)


Please note that Korean dramas have not been chosen to be promoted yet at that event. We understand that is due to the fact they already benefit from a large visibility, and because animation is the audiovisual product that has been elected by KOCCA for further promotion.


However, the week before, there will also be a themed bus inviting people to join a giant Gangnam Style flashmob on the day.

Thanks to the Korea Tourism Organization, you also have the opportunity to maybe win a trip for two to Korea by answering a few questions and submitting your voucher on Trafalgar Square.

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