Netflix unveils first original Korean drama

Netflix unveils first original Korean drama

Netflix unveils first original Korean drama

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After months of showing interest in finding its first original Korean drama series, Netflix has finally struck gold.

Indeed, the global VOD platform will be financing Love Alarm, a 12-episode series based on popular webtoon by Kye Young-chon (Unplugged Boy, Audition, Girl in Heels, Beautiful Man), famous for her ‘unique take on the romance genre’. Production will be taken care by Lee Jae-moon’s new company Hidden Sequence, who was also behind Signal (tvN, 2016) and Misaeng (tvN, 2014).

Love Alarm tells the story of ‘an unknown developer releasing an app that will tell the user if someone within 10 meters has romantic feelings for them, which greatly disrupts society.’

The deal was made possible by Netflix’s VP of International Originals, Erik Barmack as well as International Originals Manager, Keo Lee (ex-3AD – Daniel Dae Kim’s production company – and CJ Entertainment development/creative executive). Love Alarm will be released in all of Netflix’s territories including South Korea.

Meanwhile, if your Korean is up to speed, you can read the webtoon on Daum’s Webtoon website.

Source: Netflix

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  1. Devon  - January 14, 2017 - 12:50 am
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    Oh. em. gee!!! I had no idea Netflix was doing an original K-Drama!!! They’ve just got their fingers in all the honey pots, haven’t they?

    This makes me insanely excited. Thank you for sharing!

    If you ever get a minute, hop onto our blog. We are actively promoting and creating a literary genre we are calling K-Lit. We’ve written a K-Drama in novel form, and we would love to bring all kinds of readers into the hallyu wave craze. 🙂


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