Running Man Event #1: Results

Running Man Event #1: Results

Running Man Event #1: Results

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Last weekend, we launched our series of events based on the popular Korean entertainment TV show, Running Man.

Due to many of you still being on vacation, those who attended really enjoyed it. Those who attended could even more realize and admire the talent of Jumong and Nam-yi (War of the Arrows), but also closer to us, the amazing Korean team which almost always wins gold at the various archery competitions – including at the latest London Olympic Games.Team 1Team 2

InstructorsBack to our event, we received training from instructors reminding us how to hold the bow, where to place the arrow and how to hit closest to the center of the target. No joke, but one of the two instructors was from the Sherwood Forest (Robin Hood, your legend survives!).

After being briefed, we were offered to try out a few times, and finished with a competition in 4 steps, with 3 arrows to shoot each time.

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The competition ended with a win for Maria’s team with 81 points, against 63 points for Brice’s. 1-0 then.

We are currently considering the next competition, so feel free to make suggestions.


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