Seoul Drama Awards 2016: Submissions Closed!

Seoul Drama Awards 2016: Submissions Closed!

Seoul Drama Awards 2016: Submissions Closed!

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The official call for entries for the Seoul International Drama Awards 2016 ended on May 6.

265 TV entries from 51 countries around the world have been submitted, the highest number since the festival’s inception in 2006 (that’s 2,042 TV entries in 11 years).

This total breaks down as follow:

  • 62 TV movies;
  • 120 mini-series;
  • 46 long-running series;
  • 37 comedy series from 18 countries (new category).

New participant countries are Peru, Albania and Bangladesh.

Regions leading in terms of number of submissions are Asia/Middle East with 109 entries from 19 countries and Europe with 102 entries from 23 countries.

SDA2016 Submissions 2


In terms of UK submissions, we have:

  • Hartswood Films’ Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Sherlock: The Abominable Bride in the TV movie category;
  • Keshet International’s The A Word, Lionsgate’s The Royals (technically UK-shot but for E! US), Hat Trick International’s Doctor Thorne and The Secret, BBC Worldwide’s Doctor Foster and War and Peace (and coproduction The Refugees) as well as ITV Studios’ Jekyll and Hyde and Home Fires in the mini-series category;
  • Avalon Distribution’s Man Down Season 2 and Catastrophe Season 2, as well as Hat Trick International’s Episodes in the newly created comedy series category.

We can also note the presence of Viki’s Dramaworld in the mini-series category.

(Source: Seoul Drama Awards)

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