Viki Competition #1: Win Cheon Song-yi’s lipstick!

Viki Competition #1: Win Cheon Song-yi’s lipstick!

Viki Competition #1: Win Cheon Song-yi’s lipstick!

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We are aware that we talked quite a bit (too much?) about My Lover from Another Star in these past few weeks, with our first London Korean Drama Club event, the release of the OST CD at Hmart UK, and the release of the DVD through… and yet, there is still much to say!Cheon Song-yi

Actually, Viki are organizing a giveaway until May 7 of… the lipstick worn by Jeon Ji-hyeon to add glamour to her character, Cheon Song-yi! Her signature lipstick shade is YvesSaintLaurent’s Rouge Pure Couture No. 52, a coral based-pink. The lipstick has been in very high demand since the broadcast of the drama on SBS, rising up to $100 per tube on eBay – although its regular retail price is only $35…

So if you want the same lipstick for yourself… or for your girlfriend, wife or partner… you have the opportunity to be one of the three lucky winners to get one for FREE! Indeed, Viki are giving out one lipstick tube per week over the next three weeks.

How to do? You just need to sign up for a Viki Pass or become a Qualified Contributor (QC). There is even a 7-day free trial with which you can watch all your favourite dramas for free, in HD and without any ad! Of course, there is more: you need to answer 10 questions and submit the My Love from Another Star Trivia form.

Can you guess how many times Cheon Song Yi called Do Min Joon in her night of heartbroken drunkenness? Check it out here:


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