Before it was released, it had already been suggested there would be quite a couple of well-known Korean actors in Netflix original series Sense8.

But, little did we know there would so many, including some of the most active and well-respected actors in the Korean industry. A unique opportunity for them to have their talents recognized worldwide!

First and foremost is Bae Doona, who is gaining increasing international recognition since her appearance in Cloud Atlas (2012) and festivals’ favorite A Girl at My Door (2014), playing impressive chaebol’s daughter and skilled martial artist Bak Sun.

Standing as her father and business tycoon Bak Kang-dae is Korean cinema icon actor Lee Geung-yeon.

Lee has appeared in almost all the Korean box office hits of the past five years, including many that were shown at festivals in London: A Better Tomorrow (2010), War of the Arrows (2011), Unbowed (2012), The Berlin File (2013), New World (2013), Kundo: Age of Rampant (2014), The Pirates (2014), Tazza: The Hidden Card (2014), Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2015), Memories of the Sword (2015) and upcoming Assassination (2015). In terms of Korean dramas, he has taken on some noticeable roles in Misaeng (tvN, 2014) and Vampire Prosecutor 2 (OCN, 2012).

Another well-known Korean cinema face to appear is Yoon Yuh-jung, who plays Sun’s charismatic cell partner Min-jung. Yoon was in London for the closing ceremony of the London Korean Film Festival 2014 at which Boomerang Family (2013) was screened. Besides her memorable role in 2012 thriller The Taste of Money, she also appeared in a few well-known Korean dramas, from Hotelier (MBC, 2001) to The Producers (KBS, 2015).

Sun’s heartless and selfish younger brother is played by Korean singer Lee Ki-chan who recently appeared in CSTV’s drama Into the Flames. Her martial arts trainer is interpreted by Myung Kay-Nam, producer of festivals’ sensation Oasis (2002).


Acting with them are numerous Korean supporting actors:

  • Park Yong-soo (Athena: Goddess of War; SBS’ Mask, 2015) – District Judge;
  • Kim Jun-Sung (jTBC’s Padam Padam; Late Autumn, 2010; How to Use Guys with Secret Tips, 2013) – Prosecutor;
  • Kim Jae-hwa (MBC’s Cunning Single Lady, 2014; tvN’s Surplus Prince, 2014; As One, 2012) – Correctional Officer;
  • Jeon Heon-tae (Miracle in Cell No. 7, 2013) as Yuen Tan-wu;
  • Kim Hye-hwa (The Royal Tailor, 2014) – Mi-Cha;
  • Koo Hey-ryoung (Confession of Murder, 2012) – Prisoner 818 aka “the bully”;
  • Park Hyun-young (The Cat/Goyangi, 2011) – Prisoner 630;
  • Jina Kim (Penny Pincher, 2011) – Prison Guard;
  • Joo Young-ho (OCN’s Reset, 2014; SBS’ Three Days, 2014) – Prison Doctor.

And various extras:

  • Lee Hye-ryon – Prison Guard #2;
  • Jeong Young-ju – Prison Corrections Officer;
  • Don Lee – Bouncer #1;
  • Jung Yoon-heon – Bouncer #2;
  • Son San – Lisa;
  • Jung Yeon – Kang-Dae’s Assistant.

Finally, there are also a few Koreans who started their acting career in the U.S.:

  • Sara Sohn – Soo-Jin;
  • Hana Jane/Hwang – Sun’s assistant.

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  1. Mari Kim November 1, 2016

    These days Korean actors are very outstanding in Hollywood film industries and they are actually great at acting skills. I hope that other Japanese and Chinese will do great as much as Korean actors in America. We need more Asian actors and actresses to perform in American films often!