January was the month of Korean dramas on MyTF1 Xtra, the fledging VOD service from TF1, France’s largest media group.

As reactions have been tremendously positive, the ‘World Series’ strand will continue and in February, French speakers from all over the world will have the opportunity to watch the entire 2 seasons of French-Chinese fashion comedy webseries Ex-Model with French subtitles and for free with advertising.

So if you have any slight memory of French language to read the subtitles, take this opportunity to indulge yourself in this funny and sweet series, whose synopsis reads:

Ex-Model S1 Fashion One“From dreaming of making it big in France and finding romance, Chinese immigrant and model Xin Xin wakes up to the reality of being labeled too old to book exemplary jobs. From then on, it seems like everything is going downhill for our lovable heroine. Follow her journey as she desperately tries to overcome her daily struggles of finding true friends amongst competitors, getting used to paying rather than getting away with it, being uninvited to the big league parties and more, before she truly becomes a faded star.” (Source: Fashion One)

In related news, Ex-Model also will also air on Fashion One, a leading fashion, lifestyle and entertainment cable channel, in Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Singapore. Chinese-speaking audiences in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam will also be able to watch it for 30 days – from Monday January 25.

From February 15, the 20-episode webseries will also become available to viewers in Malaysia via the fledging VOD service, HTVFun.com.


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