As a very active market for adaptations of Korean dramas, and overall very dynamic scripted series industry, Turkey is by far the country embracing the most the creativity of Korean writers.

As such, we are proud that our panel speakers on Thursday 23 June will include Nilufer Kuyel, Head of Acquisitions and Format Development at Endemol Shine Turkey. Thanks to her and the series’ international distributor Eccho Rights, we are also able to screen the pilot episode of their latest adaptation, Kıs Gunesi (also known as Winter Sun).

Nilufer KuyelNilufer Kuyel is head of acquisitions and format development at Endemol Shine Turkey. Having previsouly worked for production companies, distributors and a leading broadcaster, she has a comprehensive knowledge of the local Turkish content industry – enabling her to stop and tap into specific trends. Under Nilufer’s guidance, Endemol Shine Turkey has adapted KBS’ Autumn in My Heart (2000) for Star TV, titled Paramparça (2013). Most recently, the company has been working on the adaptation of KBS’ Resurrection (2005) for Show TV, titled Kıs Gunesi.


As for Winter Sun, to accommodate the schedule we have decided to show the 45 minutes version of the pilot episode, especially made for the international market, as otherwise Turkish drama episodes usually last two hours!Winter Sun Still

To tease your curiosity, here is the synopsis:

When two businessmen kill off the third partner in their company there is one crucial witness to the murder – the victim’s young son. The killers arrange for the little boy to meet the same fate as his father, but the hired assassin can’t go through with it and sends the child away. After years of separation remembering nothing of his origins, the boy Efe returns as an adult to discover he has a twin brother. His brother has taken a job at their father’s old company – and married Efe’s childhood sweetheart. When their witness returns, the original murderers set about taking care of him once and for all. But when they get the wrong twin, Efe who has been brought up as a humble fisherman, has no option but to adopt his brother’s high-flying identity and lifestyle to infiltrate the inner circle that has destroyed his once powerful family. Winter Sun follows Efe’s quest for revenge and redemption, as well as a love denied him since childhood. (Source: Eccho Rights – Winter Sun)

And its trailer!

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