We are a proud to announce that the French-Chinese webseries Ex-Model has been selected to screen at KWebFest, currently the only festival for webseries in the whole of Asia, and taking place in Seoul under the guidance of founder Young Man Kang.

With a total of 105 webseries selected from 23 countries, Ex-Model is actually the only webseries from China (although a coproduction with France), and one of the few Asian webseries outside South Korea, besides two from Japan (Yukata Cowboy, Comedy and The Crawler in the Dark, Science-Fiction), one from Indonesia (Trio Hantu CS, Animation) and one from Singapore (Run Rachael Run, Comedy).

Other webseries originate from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

An impressive number of 40 Korean webseries, including 4 virtual reality 360 webseries, have been selected this year. They do not include Viki’s Dramaworld, which is classified under United States.

Here is the full list:

  • Into The Storm! 질풍기획 (Drama) directed by Kim Ha-ra & produced by Kim Sung-soo
  • Atelier  화실(Drama) directed & produced by Seo Min-ho
  • All Things Company올씽즈컴퍼니(Drama) directed & produced by Jang Jae-il
  • Aftermath후유증(Thriller) directed by Kim Yang-hee & produced by Oasis Company
  • Strong Brother단단한 형제(Drama) directed & produced by Park Jun-man
  • The Flatterer아부쟁이 얍! (Drama) directed by Kim Hui-seong & produced by Shin Jun-young
  • AREX Airport Railroad공항철도 (Drama) directed & produced by Kang Young-man
  • Doppelganger도플갱어 (Drama) directed by Kang Young-man & produced by CL Pacific
  • The Attractive Girl별의 별 그녀(Drama) directed & produced by Woo Hee-jin
  • Missing Korea미싱코리아 (Drama) directed by Min Doo-sik & produced by Partner K
  • Pipi and Alice삐삐와 앨리스 (Drama) directed by Hwang Chul-hyun & produced by Jo Yong-sik, Samuel Seo
  • Click Your Heart클릭유어하트 (Drama) directed by Min Doo-sik & produced by FNC Entertainment
  • Because I Love You사랑해서 그래 (Drama) directed by Park Byung-hwan & produced by BigFrog Production
  • If My Heart Beats심장이 뛰면 (Drama) directed by Park Byung-hwan & produced by BigFrog Production
  • The Warriors Of Fate운명의 용사들 (Action) directed by Kim Sun-ung & produced by Next Move
  • House : Horror집 : 공포 (Horror) directed by Kim Sun-ung & produced by Next Move
  • Poor House푸어하우스 (Horror) directed by Nash Ahn & produced by Lee Su-ah
  • Love Story Of Sin Ji Ki신지끼의 사랑이야기(Drama) directed by Lee Young-hoon & produced by Lee Jung-cheol
  • This Relationship Is The Most Easy연애가 제일 쉬웠어요 (Drama) directed by Kim Sol-mae & produced by Im Do-young
  • Only Boy 온니보이 (Comedy) directed & produced by Hwang Jeong-uk
  • Coaches네가 연애를 아느냐 (Drama) created by Chung Da-bin & directed by Lim Ji-young & produced by Song Yun-geun
  • Ani – The School Uniform Day교복입는 데이 (Animation) directed & produced by Kim Tae-gyun
  • Love Profiler Sherlock K연애탐정셜록K  (Drama) directed by Aron Kim & produced by Lee Hyun-sook
  • Medley메들리 (Thriller) directed & produced by Hyun Bum
  • Ryuhan Villa 402 : Season 2류한빌라 402호 : 시즌 2 (Drama) directed & produced by Choi Seong-hoon
  • Sorry day – Interview 쏘리데이 – 인터뷰 (Action) directed & produced by Bae Ki-won
  • Special Dream Mate스드메 (Drama) directed & produced by Park Jun-mo
  • Pocket Girlfriend내 손안의 여자친구 (Drama) directed by Sung Se-chan & produced by Neo Touch Point
  • Exoducks 엑소덕스 (Drama) directed by Sung Se-chan & produced by Neo Touch Point
  • First Holiday박대리는 휴가중 (Drama) directed by Park Seung-hun & produced by Jin Air
  • Love, Run사랑달리다 (Drama) directed by Kim Hung-do & produced by Ok Ji-won
  • Alien Blues에어리언 블루스 (Music Drama) directed by dub / Kim Tae-Yeoup & produced by Bae Jun-sung
  • 72 Seconds : Season 3 72초 : 시즌3  (Comedy) directed by Jin Kyung-hwan, Kim Nam-jo & produced by Sung Chie-hwan
  • Touching You널 만질거야 (Drama) directed by Park Su-cheol & produced by Contentspool & JYP Pictures
  • Goddess of Immortality불멸의 여신 (Drama) directed by Kim Hong-ik & produced by JMRoad
  • 88st. A League Of Their Own 88번지-그들만의 리그 (Comedy) directed by Kim Jung-han & produced by Leeroon Entertainment
  • The Moment 삶에 위로가 필요한 순간 (Drama) directed & produced by Kwak Dong-cheol (VR 360 Webseries)
  • Addicted  애딕티드” (Drama) directed & produced by Kwan Dong-cheol (VR 360 Webseries)
  • 51 Street, Utoro Family 51번지, 우토로가족  (Documentary) directed & produced by Kwak Dong-cheol (VR 360 Webseries)
  • Love Story of April사월애 (Drama) directed by Park Jung-hoon & produced by Tomato Productions (VR 360 Webseries)

For the entire list of international webseries, you can visit the website of the Kwebfestival.

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