Back in January 2016, we had announced the launch of MyTF1 Xtra, replacing standalone VOD service

What had caught our interest was the introduction of four Korean dramas within a new strand of programs dedicated to series from around the globe.

After only two months available on the service, these were removed, until MyTF1 brought back two new very popular Korean dramas, I Hear Your Voice (which had grabbed best drama, best cinematography and most promising young actor awards at the Daehan Drama Awards 2014) and It’s OK, That’s Love on September 1st. Those were left on the platform for four months.

On January 19, 2017, maybe as a celebration of the Lunar New Year, MyTF1 introduced another of our winners of 2014 and very celebrated ghost drama The Master’s Sun. If you are based in France and can read French, you can watch it HERE.

We hope for French viewers that the efforts of MyTF1 Xtra will continue bringing Kdramas under the spotlight and towards mainstream audiences.

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