We previously covered Netflix’s recent decisions to commission, not one but two, original Korean dramas for global distribution on its service.

While Netflix’s first Korean film Okja took the spotlight of the past two months, as it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2017 and was then made available globally from 28 June, Netflix has also been actively ramping up its catalogue of third-party acquired Korean films but also television series.

Back in November 2016, it hired a specialist for acquisitions of Korean contents for its local and international footprint, Minyoung Kim (previously Head of Content Partnerships in Asia Pacific for Twitter).

On 21 April 2017, Netflix experimented with its first simulcast of a Korean drama with jTBC’s Man to Man. This built up upon a relationship previously established back in February 2016, when it released Beating Again (which was made available to Korean audiences too this 22 June) among others.

Netflix has since acquired and released a few more Korean dramas from jTBC (and even some variety shows), as well as relatively less popular titles from the two of three national Korean networks, MBC and SBS.

Most recently, it has closed a deal with leading Korean media conglomerate CJ E&M to bring its most exciting TV series to the service. The latest of those is crime thriller series Stranger (aka Secret Forest), which will be released on 1 August.

Netflix has also started adding a number of Korean webdramas, showing its desire to embrace this new wave – including commissioning one of its own, My Only Love Song.


We have listed below all the Korean dramas released on the service over the past 3 months (please note some may not be available in the United Kingdom) (source: @netflixkr_up):


My Little Baby (마이 리틀 베이비)Drama10-Jun-2017MBCMBChttps://www.netflix.com/title/80162114

Title Genre Release Date Studio Channel Link
Stranger (비밀의 숲) Drama 1-Aug-2017 CJ E&M  tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80187302
Quiz of God (신의 퀴즈) Drama 15-Jul-2017 CJ E&M OCN https://www.netflix.com/title/70253240
Cheo-Yong (처용) Drama 15-Jul-2017 CJ E&M OCN https://www.netflix.com/title/80178207
Begin Again (비긴 어게인) Variety 4-Jul-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80195736
Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast (효리네 민박) Variety 4-Jul-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80195839
Momo Salon (모모살롱) Webdrama 2-Jul-2017 Kirin Prod Naver TVcast https://www.netflix.com/title/80116687
Nine: Nine Time Travels (나인) Drama 30-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80178276
Oh My Ghost (오 나의 귀신님) Drama 30-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80178404
Gab-Dong (갑동이) Drama 30-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80178344
Under the Black Moonlight (검은 달빛 아래서) Webdrama 29-Jun-2017 Aura Media Sohu TV https://www.netflix.com/title/80163266
Magic Phone (마법의 핸드폰) Webdrama 29-Jun-2017 Aura Media Sohu TV https://www.netflix.com/title/80163277
28 Faces of the Moons (28개의 달) Webdrama 29-Jun-2017 Aura Media Sohu TV https://www.netflix.com/title/80163409
Beating Again (순정에 반하다) Drama 22-Jun-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80091779
Let’s Eat 2 (식샤를 합시다 2) Drama 19-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80183878
Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다) Drama 19-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80177986
In Need of Romance 3 (로맨스가 필요해 3) Drama 17-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80183186
In Need of Romance 2 (로맨스가 필요해 2) Drama 17-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80183080
In Need of Romance (로맨스가 필요해) Drama 17-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/70249772
It’s Okay That’s Love (괜찮아 사랑이야) Drama 17-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80031632
Bad Guys (나쁜 녀석들) Drama 17-Jun-2017 CJ E&M OCN https://www.netflix.com/title/80178427
A Gentleman’s Dignity (신사의 품격) Drama 17-Jun-2017 SBS SBS https://www.netflix.com/title/70278871
Incomplete Life (미생) Drama 17-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80165295
Reply 1994 (응답하라 1994) Drama 17-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/80165487
Reply 1997 (응답하라 1997) Drama 17-Jun-2017 CJ E&M tvN https://www.netflix.com/title/70297144
Singles Villa (싱글빌라) Webdrama 10-Jun-2017 Aura Media Sohu TV https://www.netflix.com/title/80163369
My Only Love Song (마이 온리 러브송) Original Webdrama 8-Jun-2017 Netflix Netflix https://www.netflix.com/title/80178564
Heroes (영웅들) Drama 1-Jun-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80154476
Temptation (유혹) Drama 1-Jun-2017 SBS SBS https://www.netflix.com/title/80154733
It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl (괜찮아, 아빠 딸) Drama 1-Jun-2017 SBS SBS https://www.netflix.com/title/80154749
My Princess (마이 프린세스) Drama 1-Jun-2017 MBC MBC https://www.netflix.com/title/70202359
Miss Ripley (미스 리플리) Drama 1-Jun-2017 MBC MBC https://www.netflix.com/title/70202351
Diary of a Night Watchman (야경꾼 일지) Drama 1-Jun-2017 MBC MBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80145282
Last (라스트) Drama 22-May-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80098047
Secret Love Affair (밀회) Drama 22-May-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80091781
Can We Get Married? (우리가 결혼할 수 있을까?) Drama 22-May-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80091783
This is My Love (사랑하는 은동아) Drama 22-May-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80091778
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion (12년만의 재회: 달래 된, 장국) Drama 22-May-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80098046
Hidden Singer (히든싱어) Variety 20-May-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80176819
Man To Man (맨투맨) Drama 21-April-2017 jTBC jTBC https://www.netflix.com/title/80176866


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