As a previous awardee of KOFICE’s grant for overseas communities promoting Korean culture, the London Korean Drama Club (LKDC) has been advised of an exciting new Kpop music streaming service called mubeat, to launch in a few months from now.

Operated by Vlending, a joint-venture between two of the three large national broadcasters of South Korea, MBC and SBS, it is in final development stage, and they would need international fans’ opinions, wants and needs, as to ensure they provide the most relevant and enjoyable experience for you. The service is indeed aimed at the international Kpop fanbase.

As such, they have prepared a survey and participants who leave their email address will be able to try the Beta version of the app and receive free coupons to use in the live service.

Here’s to fill in:

We have also been given a glimpse at how the app will look like, including interesting features such as artist channels with all information, news and video clips related, as well as personalized playlists. It does seem a very exciting offering, and it is a great opportunity for international fans to get their voice(s) heard.

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