We are a proud to announce that the French-Chinese webseries Ex-Model has been selected to screen at KWebFest, currently the only festival for webseries in the whole of Asia, and taking place in Seoul under the guidance of founder Young Man Kang. With a total of 105 webseries selected from 23 countries, Ex-Model is actually the […]

The official call for entries for the Seoul International Drama Awards 2016 ended on May 6. 265 TV entries from 51 countries around the world have been submitted, the highest number since the festival’s inception in 2006 (that’s 2,042 TV entries in 11 years). This total breaks down as follow: 62 TV movies; 120 mini-series; […]

Personal yet universal stories tackled with both nostalgia and humor are often the best way to bring different cultures together and touch audiences from various backgrounds. And Korean American director Benson Lee achieved a perfect balance in Seoul Searching which had its European premiere screening at the Asia House Film Festival on Saturday February 27th at […]

Viki’s first original series DRAMAWORLD is set to become exclusively available on the global site powered by fans on Sunday 17 April, worldwide excluding China and South Korea. The 10-episode web comedy-drama is set in Los Angeles and South Korea, written in both English and Korean, and aimed at the fast-growing global fan base of […]

Earlier this month, fans may have noticed a picture of Super Junior’s Si-won posted on his Instagram, showing the star’s head bleeding. The short-lived upload will have left you wondering whether he had actually been hurt for real or if that was a spoiler for an upcoming episode of his latest Korean drama series, She Was Pretty, […]

After DramaFever’s dive into original series with Heirs and Tomorrow Cantabile, we were waiting for competitor Viki to make a move. And it did, as on September 16th it revealed “Dramaworld“, a 10-episode comedy-drama set in Los Angeles and Seoul, to be coproduced with Jetavana Entertainment (China), EnterMedia Contents (the company behind a few of the U.S. […]