Besides Turkey, we are seeing an increasing number of European countries dipping their toes in adaptations of Korean remakes. While across the Atlantic none of the adaptations have been able to make it beyond the pilot episodes, we are seeing signs of a more cautious yet not less serious interest in Korean scripted creativity. With Kanal […]

As Africa is starting to attract eyeballs from content distributors, in particular thanks to a number of emerging cable television and on-demand platforms, it would be timely to look at how the landscape looks like for Korean dramas. An interesting case and exception on the African continent, GBS (Good News Broadcasting System) is a Kenyan […]

On Monday 9 March, international Korean news, culture and entertainment channel, Arirang TV, announced agreements with the UK’s leading pay TV satellite operator, BSkyB, and the UK’s leading free-to-air satellite operator, Freesat (a JV between BBC and ITV). It is the first time the channel will be available on local satellite platforms. Although it could […]

On September 24, The Hospital Club welcomed a number of important personalities from the Korean drama industry, as producers and executives from the major broadcasters came to attend a K-Drama Showcase – part of the KCCUK’s K-Drama Week. After a first session dedicated to explore collaboration opportunities between South Korea and the UK, which the […]