The 3rd DramaFever Awards ceremony, sponsored by Toyota, took place on Thursday 5 February, in the magnificent Hudson Theatre of New York City, in presence of a roster of high profile guests. Yuki Furukawa was the first to walk the red carpet, followed by Kpop band 5urprise, Arden Cho, George Hu, while Kim Jong-kook was the […]

The ambition of Netflix seems to have no limit. After investing more than 90 million dollars in the production of its new original series, Marco Polo, the streaming platform decided to launch its latest production like a Hollywood blockbuster through a massive opening ceremony. The event took place in New York on Wednesday 2 December, […]

As it was confirmed earlier this month, actress Claudia Soo-hyun Kim will feature in the upcoming blockbuster series for Netflix, produced by indie studio The Weinstein Company. But she turns out not to be the only Korean talent in Marco Polo. Indeed, Park Woon-young, a seasoned Korean-American actor, known for his appearances in The Shield […]

On April 10, actress Kim Soo-hyun (Brain, 7th Grade Civil Servant) was spotted in the streets of London – most notably in Soho.   It was not a coincidence as she had been confirmed just one month earlier, in March, that she would be starring in upcoming sequel of Hollywood blockbuster Avengers. On March 13, […]

For those lucky enough to have attended the 1st London Korean Drama Club event on April 15, you could notice the OST CD of My Love from Another Star which we had brought. We got the CD from Hmart, a new Korean store located in New Malden, which announced just before our event that they […]

The 21st and last episode of Jeon Ji-hyeon’s return to drama, My Love from Another Star, was broadcast on February 27 on SBS with a 29.6% audience share in the Seoul area. Although it never overcame the 30% threshold (29.9% at the 18th episode) on Korean television, the drama series has enjoyed an amazing success locally […]