Following our partnership with Kmania (Kelab Pengkritik & Peminat Korea) in Malaysia, we are sharing with you details on their annual Kdrama awards attribution, called CARI Kdrama Awards. Bestowed by the Malaysian Critics Drama Society, it functions similarly to our Daehan Drama Awards (DDA), with Malaysian fans invited to vote for their favourite Kdramas in a number […]

After months of showing interest in finding its first original Korean drama series, Netflix has finally struck gold. Indeed, the global VOD platform will be financing Love Alarm, a 12-episode series based on popular webtoon by Kye Young-chon (Unplugged Boy, Audition, Girl in Heels, Beautiful Man), famous for her ‘unique take on the romance genre’. Production […]

Following our panel discussion on Thursday 23 June, it seems timely to pursue our exploration of the distribution of Korean dramas by looking at their presence in the Turkish as well as Middle Eastern markets. Indeed, although very few Korean dramas have actually aired in Turkey, they have proven a sought-for source of inspiration for Turkish dramas, […]

For all those who joined us on Saturday 11 June but also those who couldn’t/didn’t, we are glad to let you know the KCCUK has edited and released a highlights video of the K-Lovers’ Day events. We hope you enjoy it and for those who came that it might give you the same feeling of […]

We would like to thank all those who braved the bad weather, public transportation issues and the need to vote for the EU referendum to come to our 2nd panel talk dedicated to Korean scripted formats. Despite all the above and some technical issues, we managed to have all our speakers in one place to […]

Besides Turkey, we are seeing an increasing number of European countries dipping their toes in adaptations of Korean remakes. While across the Atlantic none of the adaptations have been able to make it beyond the pilot episodes, we are seeing signs of a more cautious yet not less serious interest in Korean scripted creativity. With Kanal […]

After the success of our first panel talk at the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) last year, we are proud to announce, with the support of KOFICE, our next panel talk, dedicated to Korean scripted formats. Formats are basically the defining narrative elements of a show, be it an entertainment or a fictional series. With the […]

Despite the popularity of Latin American telenovelas and more recently Turkish dramas in Eastern Europe, Korean dramas have somehow managed to carve some space on local television. Not much, but more opportunities await. Hungary was the first country to bring Korean dramas, with negotiations between Hungarian national broadcaster Magyar Televízió (MTVA) with KBS and MBC […]

As you may know already through our Facebook and MeetUp events, the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) is hosting a special day dedicated to all things Korean culture with all relevant London-based organizations joining for presentations and coordinating their own events. The London Korean Drama Club will be there side-by-side with LoKo Kpop Dance Workshop, […]