Before it was released, it had already been suggested there would be quite a couple of well-known Korean actors in Netflix original series Sense8. But, little did we know there would so many, including some of the most active and well-respected actors in the Korean industry. A unique opportunity for them to have their talents […]

Last weekend, we launched our series of events based on the popular Korean entertainment TV show, Running Man. Due to many of you still being on vacation, those who attended really enjoyed it. Those who attended could even more realize and admire the talent of Jumong and Nam-yi (War of the Arrows), but also closer […]

While already a few feature films were present on the DramaFever VOD platform, they were mostly independent catalogue Korean films and unfortunately are only viewable in the United States at the moment. Beyond the classic Death Bell (2008) and The Man from Nowhere (2010), only one recent movie was there: The Heaven is Open to […]