Following our panel discussion on Thursday 23 June, it seems timely to pursue our exploration of the distribution of Korean dramas by looking at their presence in the Turkish as well as Middle Eastern markets. Indeed, although very few Korean dramas have actually aired in Turkey, they have proven a sought-for source of inspiration for Turkish dramas, […]

Despite the popularity of Latin American telenovelas and more recently Turkish dramas in Eastern Europe, Korean dramas have somehow managed to carve some space on local television. Not much, but more opportunities await. Hungary was the first country to bring Korean dramas, with negotiations between Hungarian national broadcaster Magyar Televízió (MTVA) with KBS and MBC […]

As Africa is starting to attract eyeballs from content distributors, in particular thanks to a number of emerging cable television and on-demand platforms, it would be timely to look at how the landscape looks like for Korean dramas. An interesting case and exception on the African continent, GBS (Good News Broadcasting System) is a Kenyan […]

Rosalie Kim, curator for Korean arts at the V&A Museum, and her team have finally confirmed the full programme for their event next Friday May 30, and we can now share it with you.   ALL EVENING (18.30 – 21.30) KpopTeam Ltd presents DJ Phat The ever growing wave of Korean pop music crosses all […]

Among Korean dramas, dramas giving a specific focus on love stories are considered most popular in Asia. We could consider however that love stories are actually part of every single Korean drama, as if they could not exist without. Indeed, there is no better feeling than love to generate emotional reaction from the reaction as […]

As we mentioned in the previous article, Asian countries could find in Korean dramas a new vector of pan-regional communication. At the heart of such success was the skilful combination of Korean cultural values, for most shared across Asia, with Westernized setting and techniques. The Korean way of telling romantic stories tinged with sadness inherited […]

For both his interventions at LSE and SOAS, director Yun Seokho provided the audience with a background presentation and analysis of the Korean Wave. There is no one in a better position to talk about it indeed.   Winter Sonata has been coined as the TV drama at the origin of the Korean Wave. Although […]

Yun Seokho, the renowned director of Winter Sonata, said to be at the origin of the Korean wave, made London his second home. In only a few months, he has given presentations at two of the most prestigious universities in the City: LSE and SOAS. On 30 November 2013, he joined the guests of the […]